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Our mission is straightforward:

Provide in depth and accurate product knowledge on demand and use this knowledge to enhance the sales effort. Specware's experience can be used to accomplish this task in a variety of platforms and presentations. Although the benefits vary from project to project, clients routinely report the following benefits of a Specware package:

  • Reduce man-hours and inaccuracies when selecting products.
  • Increase sales by providing the support needed to buy, sell or specify the product
  • Enhanced lead generation through user registration
  • Increased product knowledge by use of the package.

Our products and services have kept pace with the times.

Business-to-Business E-commerce, extensive use of the Internet to convey current product information to the field, and a variety of other advances allows us to give your customers the information they need, when they need it. Our products are not stand alone software, but a complete package designed to enhance your sales efforts. I invite you to browse our website, and visit some of our clients' websites. I am confident you will agree that Specware delivers results and value. We have the experience, knowledge and technical expertise to make your next project a success.

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Specware, Inc.
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Since 1993, Specware has been providing cutting edge product selection and specification software to manufactures of engineered products. Our products help engineers, the sales force, and maintenance staff all over the world quickly and efficiently locate the products needed for their application.

Product Selection and Specification

Specware's primary service is the design and development of product selection and specification tools for technical products. Our typical client has a product that performs the same basic service in a wide variety of applications. Variations on the basic product could lead into the hundreds of thousands.

We know that the marriage of an engineering and sales tool into one package can be a bumpy road for most businesses. Our years of experience in this field allows our clients to spend time and resources developing features that sell the product and not ironing out basic concepts and design. Eventually, all clients have a need to tie their package into order entry and sales for automation systems. We look forward to the opportunity that this situation presents, and will work with your other vendors or in-house staff to make our package compatible with the rest of your systems.

Product Selection

Solving the application.
Giving the customer what they want.
Asking the questions they understand.

The product offering of a typical Specware client is diverse and at the same time very similar. The product mix tends to be a basic product adapted to perform a wide variety of applications. This creates a scenario where the specifier is left wading through an enormous amount of information, and taking his best guess at which product will best suit his need.

In the past, the individual with an application would have to research a binder full of performance information, and would hopefully pick the best item, or at least one that will work. The difficulty is that the binder is usually arranged by a manufacturer's classifications (product lines), and may not reflect an ability to fulfill a need. Performance conditions shown in printed performance curves were usually for a standard condition. This condition probably does not reflect the required conditions and the user is left guessing at performance in the application. To solve this problem, the first thing we must do is ask the user all pertinent questions about his application up front. This can be done in a variety of ways and allow multiple units of measure for an input. This feature makes the software truly international in scope.

Once the user has entered the application, we can present the user with performance curves and other performance information displayed to the user will be accurate and pertinent to their needs.


Accessory Selection

Most manufacturers have accessories, options and packaging that will enhance the performance of a product in an application. Not everyone thinks about these features or believes they will add significantly to the cost of the item. Our software typically presents these additional features to the use after selecting the basic product. In some applications, the software may automatically select recommended features for service in a particular application.

The end result? The user receives a product that performs better and or has a longer service life in the application. The manufacturer benefits by selling add-ons not usually considered and reputation for quality increases as product performance increases. As the user selects and changes options, the part number is changed to reflect the additions. Part number configuration available to the user in the field assists greatly in accurate order placement. Some clients include the ability to price the product selection. The pricing feature can usually be controlled by the client and used to handle discounting. The client is usually given the ability to turn pricing on and off for each copy of the software.



Picked the right product?
How do we help them place the order?
What does your representatives need to sell your product?

Specware provides selection tools that assist in selling the product. All of our packages provide the means necessary to assist in closing the sale. The needs vary from industry to industry and we work with the client to develop a strategy that best suits their needs. The end goal is to produce the items necessary to order or specify the product. Here is a list of some of the output typically found in applications:


Common Features

Does your industry require lengthy or customized specifications for each job? We can export everything the user entered about the application, and all their product selections to a document template and fill in the blanks.

Common Features with the number of users. To provide tracking and use in the field information, we have found the use of registration email or a business reply mailer provides valuable information to our client.

Every time the software is installed to a new computer, the user is required to fill out a form providing information about the user. The user is encouraged to fill out and send in the mailer to ensure they are kept up to date with the software. The manufacturer benefits by generating new sales leads and generating a stronger relationship with the end customer.

Contact Information

Most Specware packages allow the distributor or sales representative to place their name and information in the software much as they would place a label on a manufacturer's binder. This labeling ability provides the end customer with information about the local contact and who to call for assistance and ordering of the product.

Connectivity with the Client's Website

Some clients have a wealth of information about specific applications, liquids, or gases used to define an application. This information can be bundled with the software, or linked to the software from the client's.

We can also link to extended information about the product: Service manuals, extended product information

Expiration dates

We know that the product offering and pricing in the software will need to be updated on a regular basis. Some clients operate with an update schedule, and other clients opt to update as costs or profitability dictate. In most cases, the client has a general idea when the current pricing will no longer be valid or when changes in the product line will occur. To this end we can offer an expiration date, or a date when the software will quit working all or in part.

Updating The Software via a Website

In conjuction with expiration dates, we can allow the software to query a web location on a regular basis. This will allow the software to keep itself current, and reduce costs for updating the current install base.

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BlowerXpert™, renowned by experts in the blower industry as the most useful tool available to the general public for blower sizing and selection is available from Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems is offered for download (WinXP/Vista, 2.5 MB, v8.0). Make your computer a "blower expert" with BlowerXpert.

New features in BlowerXpert 8 include:

We genuinely hope that you find BlowerXpert 8 is valuable to you in sizing, selecting, specifying and buying M-D Pneumatics blowers and vacuum boosters.

Good luck and please contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We can be reached by telephone at (417) 865-8715 or (800) 825-6937, or by E-mail at