Since 1993,Specware has been providing cutting edge product selection and specification software to manufactures of engineered products. Our products help engineers, the sales force, and maintenance staff all over the world quickly and efficiently locate the products needed for their application.

Blowerxpert7 is available as an on-line tour, or you can download a copy and try it today for free!

The standard for rotary blower sizing and selection software packages.



What's New for version 3.0?

Text on the Images!
Want to know when the image was taken? Or put a message on the image? Version 3 lets you select the text, include time date stamps, select the font and the font color!

It's Your Choice!

Version 3.0 puts you in control.   Capture images on a timed basis, as fast as your Internet connection allows you to upload, or use the new Motion Detector!
You can capture still images and save them as JPEG, BMP, or BOTH! You
can also export your images as numbered frames, or as one file for a
constantly refreshing "Live Cam" on your webpage!

Custom AVI Output-
You can select a custom Frames Per Second rate when outputting to an AVI file Using your microphone, you can add sound to your AVI file!

Improved FTP-
No need to remember that long path...With the new FTP Browse
capability, you can select your upload directory with a few clicks